I am an architect by profession but always curious, observant, reflective and attracted by everything visual in terms of design and its different nuances.

Each line that we draw is an intuitive result that aims to capture ideas and each of these captured ideas will always influence the environment with some degree of power.

That is why in my portfolio you will find all kinds of projects, Architecture has an infinity of branches attached to our society that it is impossible not to experience them at some point, nor to remove the background from the form.



I have created this page as a reference of some of my abilities, doing work privately, and sometimes for other studies with a collaborating team from which the learning has been reciprocal. I have training with social issues of population, territory and sustainability. However, my greatest interest and passion is in the design and infographics of 3D projects. I consider myself a proactive person, hence the variety of topics you will find here.